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Skipton Gardeners Club meet at the Soroptomist Club Rooms, 28 Otley Street, Skipton BD23 1EW at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of the month, eight times a year.

Our speaker programme covers a wide range of horticultural topics - catering for all levels of expertise - on plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables and gardening trends.

Wed 18/01/17 Fruit trees - Hilary Dodson
Wed 15/02/17 Bumblebees and their habitats - Tanya St Pierre
Wed 15/03/17 Gresgarth Hall Garden through the year - Steve Halliwell
Wed 19/04/17 Beautiful borders and breeding vegetables - Andrew Chapman
Wed 17/05/17 Behind the scenes at Chelsea - Pat Inman
Wed 20/09/17 Plants which earn their keep - Pat Inman
Wed 18/10/17 Be a garden maker - Nikki Brown
Wed 15/11/17 Lancashire Wildlife Trust - Philip Dykes
Wed 17/01/18 Pruning and training - Michael Myers
Wed 21/02/18 Cartmel Peninsula and Holker Hall Gardens - Steve Halliwell
Wed 21/03/18 The ramblings of an itinerant gardener - Andrew Lay
Wed 18/04/18 Good garden plants - Pat Inman
Wed 16/05/18 How to grow flowers for cutting & arranging - Susan Dobson
Wed 19/09/18 Plants for problem places - Peter Foley
Wed 17/10/18 TBC - Margaret Wooler
Wed 21/11/18 Informal AGM followed by
Seasonal arrangements - Susan Dobson

The annual membership fee is 5, renewable in September each year.  Admission to meetings costs 1.50 for members, 2.50 for visitors, which includes refreshments.

Visitors and new members are guaranteed a warm welcome.

For more information on Skipton Gardeners Club meetings or membership, please contact one of our committee members.  For all website enquiries, please email us.

Skipton Gardeners Club
Skipton Gardeners Club
Skipton Gardeners Club